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I purchased the Goldwing Airbag in April of 2009. It had 2,900 miles on it at that time. I have taken several short rides both solo and two up. (500 miles or less) and one longer 1,600 miles 3 day ride from Denver to the Grand Canyon through the Colorado mountains. We rode 10+ hours every day on the long ride and never became fatiqued or sore. The cruise control worked flawlessly and my 51 year old hands appreciated how well it worked. The power of the 6 cylinder engine made the mountain passes a piece of cake. I wish the bike had factory installed highway pegs and something to make the passenger from getting blown away at highway speeds. It would also be nice to have a sixth gear since the motor is turning 3,200 RPMS at 75 MPH. This bike is so smooth and powerful, not to mention the reliability of Honda. I get between 40 to 50 MPG depending how much power I apply to the rear wheel. On the 1,600 miles Grand Canyon ride, I got 50 MPG overall.
- Tom l, Denver, Colorado

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