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Enjoying the scooter tremendously so far. Have not had any problems at all. Can reach speeds of 60Km/h (40MPH) and it doesn't seem to bother the engine very much. Acceleration from a stop is fine, similar to the acceleration of most cars off a stop when they are not in a hurry. I live in Montreal and there are a lot of potholes in this city and this Honda handles them pretty well. I have to climb a steep hill for about 100 meters everyday on my way to work and the scooter handles it OK - the engine does work harder, but I don't know how this compares with other scooters. Some reduction in speed, but only slight. This is not a super high performance scooter - remember it's a 50cc 4 stroke - but it's amazing on gas: 30Km/litre (80MPG) and has a very comfortable seat. It is VERY quiet compared to some of the other 2 stroke scooters on the street. The engine itself has many aluminum pieces on it and is liquid cooled and it's a 4 stroke so I suspect it will last a really long time (I've only had it for 700KM so I can't speak from experience). Things I like less about this scooter is that most of the "chromed" pieces are just plastic (almost the entire exterior is plastic) and there is no standard rack on the back. There are anti-theft protections on this scooter but I would lock it to something solid if possible as the scooter can easily be picked up by 2 people and put into a van or truck. It's a great scooter for first timers who live in a city and it looks great.
- first time scooter owner, Montreal, Quebec

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