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Great review!! I have the 2017 DCT, New old stock last January, I have about 5500miles on it and the only complaint is the seat is miserable until you wear it in, then it is OK. Looking at a Corbain seat, have not pulled the trigger yet. You should check out the forum specifically for this bike "", good data. The brakes are wimpy right out of the box that is true, after about 200 miles the pads fully seat and then achieve full stopping power, take my word for it the ABS system works well and bringing this 630lb bike to a full stop from 60mph with me at 350lbs from 60mph is a wonder to behold. My throttle was dangerously twitchy when I first got the bike, took 300 miles for it to get settled in, fly by wire, and for the computer to learn my touch. Other than that this bike is effortless to ride, in traffic I use the sport mode #2 or manual in stop and go traffic, it gives me better control of the gear. On the highway this bike is a real "Firecracker" 4500RPM you are at 95 MPH the bike wants to run and is effortless when you crank that throttle, 75MPH seems to be the comfort zone. Too bad this bike was not more popular here in the states.....
- DaPoppa, Florida

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