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Seems like there hasn't been a review of the VFR on this site in 15 years, so I thought I'd add my thoughts. Considered by many as the best all-around street bike, and almost certainly the best hybrid sport-touring bike, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my 6th-gen 2008 VFR “Interceptor” and never regretted buying it from the moment I drove it off the lot. Whether commuting in heavy Los Angeles traffic, leaning it way over on Hwy 2, or cruising the wide open highways on long road trips, it just delivers no matter what I ask of it. Yes, it sits taller than pure sport bikes, so the weight doesn't flip side to side quite as easily. But if that's what you need, then you're probably not looking at this bike. So maybe you won't be first up/down the mountain, but I didn't feel left behind, never felt like I was on a Goldwing trying to make the bike do something it wasn't meant to do, and a more competent rider could push it more than I. There's PLENTY of "sport" in this sport-tourer. And that surge of power when VTEC opens all 16, I love that moment! I heard earlier generations had an almost dangerous kick, but this definitely never felt unsafe. And its completely predictable, so I relished in the exhaust note and power boost! I rode many freeway commuting miles and it’s steep front fork angle makes it easily maneuverable, despite its size and weight. And the linked breaking system (LBS) helped me quickly stop in some "oh s#%t" moments (LA drivers are not the best). You sit more upright than a sports bike, which puts less weight on your wrists. And the foot pedals also don't sit as far back, so you don't feel all folded up and is comfortable on even long rides. Part of the reason you're not folded up is because the bike is taller than some others. I tightened the adjustable suspension to reduce the height, but I still could barely touch the ground (or maybe that's only an issue because I'm 5'7"), which unfortunately resulted in me dropping the bike a couple times when there wasn't even and stable ground under me. I could have tightened the suspension more to lower the height more, but since it was mainly a commuter bike, I didn't want to be too bouncy. But long rides is where I loved this bike the most. I took a couple multi-state trips and one 15hr ride and the VFR was an absolute joy. It took about 5 hours before the stock seat started getting a little uncomfortable, but the same is true even in my car. I don't have saddle-bags, but I used a tank bag and another big bag on the pillion seat (it has rear-handle bars convenient for tying bags down). And the large 5.8 gallon gas tank let me go and go and go. I never got up to the 150mph max, but I cranked it up pretty high on long straightaway back roads and this is where the long wheelbase and extra weight and power of the V-4 really help - it is SO stable at high speeds, you feel completely confident and the only fear is police or your head being ripped off if you pop up from behind the windscreen at that speed. This was my 2nd bike and a nice step up from the Suzuki SV650 I had before. They're different in almost every regard, but with the Honda I noticed that every button, switch, clutch, and lever is buttery smooth and felt so much higher quality than Suzuki. I always got tons of compliments on the look of the viffer. I like the sharp angles, dual-under-seat exhaust, integrated turn signals, and the single-side swingarm looks hella sexy. I did add HID lights, but otherwise never felt the need to modify anything. After about 5 years I started to feel like I wanted a little more oomph than the 781cc's. But I was looking at the Honda VFR1200 because I still love this platform so much. This could definitely be a first bike (its smooth and tame enough). As fast as an R1? No As comfortable as a Goldwing? No But anyone trying to choose the "one bike to rule them all, and on the pavement bind them" will find this to be a worthy and enjoyable steed in your stable - especially if you have to choose only one. So be comfortable on your daily commute, join the boys on a fun weekend ride, and take that long road trip you've been talking about...all on your VFR. I have, and I highly recommend it. Ride safe.
- Baxter, California

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