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My only real worry about this bike is getting caught by the police for riding it in unauthorized areas, like forest preserves: my immediate area was a real stickler on that, at one time, back in the 80's: so far, no hassles from Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. Handling, power are great, but on cold mornings, it can be a real workout to start: until you use the push button. The choke is not so effective: however, once the engine runs for at least 10 minutes, there's no problem starting it by kick or electric the rest of the day. The seat is very hard, and will never break in. I plan on either getting an "Air Hawk" seat pillow or a "seat concepts" complete seat. The only mods done were: rear "Tuff Lites" flexible turn signals (and are LED: stock are bulbs) and since one OEM rear turn signal plastic broke almost immediately (within first month of ownership) it only made sense to get flexible turn signals. The OEMs up front are, but they left the rears rigid, who knows why. This bike has held up great so far, and I usually have to get way out of town, to get into some wilderness riding, in so, having to ride approx. 60 miles from home, but that's OK, it can handle a steady 50 mph. I will probably get a couple less rear teeth, for that sprocket (should keep the rpms. a little lower). The seat height is not a problem, once you're on it (it will drop down, by a few inches, so as long as you're at least 5' 10" it shouldn't be a problem.) I'm looking forward to next season already! PS: one last thing: the wind has knocked it over many times, but this bike hasn't sustained any damage at all from it (always cover it up), so this thing is definitely pretty darn durable. Not even the plastic body panels have broken (yet!). Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.
- Fred, Chicago, Illinois

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