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Hello! Been around motorcycles all my life. That is about 47 years now. Started with a Sears mini bike back in the late sixties, then a 50 minitrail from Honda, a70CL Honda (first time using a clutch), 185 dirt bike, Kawasaki Z400, Kawasaki LTD 1000, Yamaha, etc. As you can see, tried many models and brands. The thing is that I have been retired from cycling for some years now. Around came the kids, needed family pastimes, so jumped back to dirt bikes for me and my 3 boys. The opportunity came to get a Hyosung. Cheap. I mean CHEAP!!! So I decided to give it a try. The investment; no investment. This little thing sounds great, feels great, is comfortable, gets great gas milleage, is RELIABLE, nice looking and parts are available. I had it for a couple of years now and the only thing I have done to it, besides the oil changes, is adjusting the drive chain. Of course, some stains show on the chrome nuts and detailing, but remember that this bike is CHEAP. I can surely compare it with a 450 Shadow I had some years ago. (For which I paid a lot more than what I paid for this one). I could suggest 2 things that could surely improve this motorcycle performance: a sixth gear and a wider rear tire. Of course, remember that this is only a 250 that looks sounds and performs like a bigger and more expensive bike. But if like me and life brings you a Hyosung near by, do not let it go. You will not regret it! Of course, I am planning to get a C90 Boulevard, but I am keeping this one. I've got nothing to lose!!!
- Gilberto Castro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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