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I bought my Icebear Champion 125cc in December of 2020 from Bobcats Motorsports and paid the extra $300 for Icebear to do a full assembly. When I got the bike it had a few issues like clutch on the semi-auto transmission would not go into neutral so I took it to a local mechanic to check out the entire bike and fix everything. My bike now has 60 miles on it. One thing they do not tell you is to change the oil once you get the bike which I just found out and will change it today. My top speed so far has been 65 mph. Also I had to adjust the carb b/c it was running too lean and would hiccup while riding. I like the bike overall. I did not want to spend the $4500 for a Honda Monkey so I bought this and to date have about $1800 invested which is fine for the little riding I will do. Downshifting with the semi-automatic is a little tough but hopefully that will become easier as I break the bike in some more. Overall I like the bike and would buy one again. Icebear just came out with a manual transmission Champion that has a regular clutch like normal bikes so I would recommend getting that over the semi-auto version.
- John, North Carolina

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