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What can I say? This is a really good bike! Pros:<br /> <li>It's very quick off the mark, I've not encountered another scooter on the road that can accelerate as fast as this bike, and I'm a heavy guy. <li>65mph Top speed. <li>Excellent handling. <li>Unbelievable under seat storage, enough for 2 (YES 2) full-faced helmets, great for shopping I can now leave my car at home. <li>I don't know where it gets its power from as it's only 100cc, but a full tank of fuel lasts forever. <li>Great turning circle easy to navigate through the traffic. <li>Great to look at, sensible yet stylish. Cons:<br /> <li>There's a front disk brake, but the rear brake is a drum and could do with being a disk. <li>Quite a large scooter for its weight and thus not very stable on its stand. I've driven a lot of scooters which excel in different areas, but never before one that excels in them all like the millennium 100. If you see one of these for sale, I'd recommend you snap it up as with the collapse of Italjet they're becoming quite rare.
- Dominic Mifsud, London, United Kingdom

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