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Hi all! Thought I'd post my impression and experience about the Hyosung Sense. Ok here goes. I bought this scooter May 2002 on a whim and so far I'm very happy with it. Although it's a little underpowered at takeoff for the size of the bike it's been very reliable and comfortable to ride. So far I've put 10000 km on it without any major problems. Below I listed the pros and cons for the Sense. Pros: Big comfy seat and lots of leg room for tall riders. Shocks are good and so far no loose body panels or unwanted rattles. Stock parts like belt and tires seem to last longer than my previous Honda Elite LX. Engine still pulls like the first day I got it and has no sign of wear and tear. Brakes work very well unlike my previous honda Elite. Cons: Parts are harder to get than better known brands and seem to cost more. Headlight is a little dim and also has an annoying fliker to it.Tends to wear out front brake pads prematurely after only 3000 km. Getting to engine for service is a pain because side body panels and seat needs to be disassembled first. Muffler tends to rust prematurely. Use of screws instead of bolts is not a good idea on hyosungs part. Thanks and Cya all!
- Bozo, Montreal

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