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This is an awesome beginner to intermediate bike.Plenty of HP for city life. Quick acceleration to 70mph. Beats almost everything off the line. Really light weight for great cornering and braking while zipping through the city. Awesome on the back Highways and old scenic routes. Starts every time, although the CV carbs make it take a bit to warm up. They run really lean on the bottom end.Really comes to life around 6k rpms. Still pulls nice below that, but it's like a new engine fires up, all the way to redline. Keep's up with all my harley friends out on the back highways. we travel in packs, an i'm only one with a kaw,oldest bike too. gets lots of attention for being so old and yet out running with the pack. this bike is just right for someone smaller than 5'8". taller and it gets slightly cramped. adjusting you levers to your body helps make this bike super easy to ride. they hold up well to a bit of abuse, just change the oil and do reg maint. only bad about her beautiful plain jane look and style, she's so light sheer winds toss me around quite a bit. it's not so bad 2 up, but just me and i have to slow down or be blown across lanes like a leaf. keep it in the city or old highways and you'll have no complaints. shes a super fun bike, never gets tiring cracking tht throttle to get to 9 k rpms on the tach and slamming the next gear. tops out at about 115 mph, full pushing it ducked down hugging the bike. Great bike, find them pretty decently priced, run forever with a bit of maintaining, an i can get almost 60 mpg. A bit of abusing it and it drops to about 52 mpg. worst on a tank i ever got, riding balls out, 163 miles. did't hit reserve just died as i pulled in the station and stopped at the pump.
- Phil , Nebraska

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