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I have had several Gold Wings, a Triumph Rocket 3 and a few others. Anyway I bought a new Kawasaki 900 Lt. At age 67 the bike does everything I want to do on a bike. I have no problems with 1000 to 1500 mile trips. Compared to my Rocket 3 the Kawasakis ride is a lazy boy of comfort. The front forks are a bit soft and bottom out on larger bumps. Folks complaints on wind buffing isn't a problem for me. It is a motorcycle and they are windy. The bike has ok power and shines at 65 to 70 MPH. So I stay away from busy interstates. State and County HWY roads and far less boring. The bikes overall performance is above average. The throttle return spring is a bit light for me. On bumpy roads it can be a little frustrating. The seat is ok and I have no plans to up grade. My girl friend finds the seat comfortable. The 5 gallon tank is very nice and gives excellent miles per gal. The clutch is easy on the hand. The 5 speed gear box is smooth and neutral is easy to find. This is my first bike without a shaft drive or chain. The belt gives a nice response when throttling up. The bike came with a nice set of tires. Dunlop how far they go has yet to be seen. The front disk brake is a little on the light side but doesn't feel weak. The bike has a nice sound stock. I'm not waking the neighbors at 5:00 am. My biggest complaints are the front soft forks, the paint is a little flat, the bags fake snaps don't fit properly. I hope this little review helps from a 40 year veteran rider.
- Jim Tanner, Iowa

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