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The EX250 (Ninja 250R) by Kawasaki is a great bike for beginners and students. It is low cost, low-maintenance, and high in value. It's acceleration is good, for a 250. The EX250 costs only $3,000! I have recorded the mileage at between 65-75 mpg. The only maintenance in the past 2 years/10,000m has been oil changes and a new rear tire. The engine has about 25 rear-wheel horsepower and a top speed of just over 100 mph stock. My insurance is only $80 a year for liability with no tickets. It is by far the best value for the money. The bike feels smoother than any other 250. It is the lowest-priced 250 you can buy. Plus, it is liquid cooled, has 4-valves/cyl. with DOHC,12.4 compression, six speeds, and is much faster than the Yamaha-Honda-Suzuki's 250. This bike was an easy choice for me. The down side is the close ratio six-speed transmission. At regular shifts, all gears are spent by 40 mph. From there, RPM's are necessary for more speed. 5,000rpm=40mph in top gear. With a simple $20 sprocket change up front, 4,500rpm=40mph. This minor addition greatly improves acceleration too. Wind can still be intimidating at speeds any higher than 80 mph. The wet weight is about 330 lbs.
- Matt H., Phoenix, Arizona

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