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I bought my Nomad new out of the crate in 2014. It was a leftover but was the greatest buy I ever made. I got a great deal on this bike and it was that I expected. I replaced my 900 classic with the Nomad because the classic just wasn't cutting it on the highway. I felt that the engine revs were too high to maintain the 75 mph speeds. In my research I found that the 5 speed transmission of the 900 was not geared to handle the highway. My Nomad is perfect for the long trips I like to take. The ergonomics are great for a person of my height or taller. The electronic cruise control makes that even better when you are putting the miles behind you. This bike has the power and then some!(Not to mention the boost I got when I added the high flow air filter and aftermarket exhaust). As in some other reviews, I have never found ground clearance to be an issue(Remember, you are not riding a sports bike). It handles like a dream on the highway and in the city.
- Anonymous, Kansas, U.S.A.

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