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Well, it's been 3 days short of a month. I was waiting for the V2K induced high to wear off, but it seems to be lingering. I'm feeling high every time I throw my leg across it. They should put a warning sticker on the V2K when new. Warning: Riders Beware, you may NOT want to return to the the smaller displacment bike you are currently riding. All I know, is I can NOT go back. I'm ruined, addicted, astonished, mystified, suprised, glassy eyed, high, floating on cloud 9, feeling the need for that Horsepower flying, tree stump pulling torque that keeps my blood at the boiling point. I'm forever ruined. And all this at 38 mpg in town running semi hard, and 45 mpg on the road so far. I went 203.5 miles on a tank yesterday, put in 5.0 gallons of gas and got 40.5 mpg. Half the miles were on two lane country roads, and the rest in town. Twisting the throttle and running up to 90mph in safe open areas is not uncommon. So I don't baby it. What's not to like about this bike? So if you'd like to ride a V2K, have at it, have fun, but don't do it for long, or you won't be going back. It will haunt your dreams, and consume your thoughts. The V2K isn't the fastest bike out there, it isn't the best handling bike out there, but it is definitely at the top of the food chain. There is just something about that BIG powerful V-Twin and the feel of that sub woofer feeling thump, thump, thump, that you not only hear, but feel coursing through your veins, in sync with that thumping in your chest. You get used to it, it's natural, it consumes you. You are addicted to it and don't even know it. Ride another bike, go ahead, THAT, is when you'll feel like your going through withdrawls, like something is missing, like you NEED a fix. Some will disagree, and say I'm just another V2K junkie. Well...you're RIGHT!!! My name is Mike and I'm a V2K junkie. So, for a huge motor, it gets great gas mileage. It handles very well for a big bike. Heavy yes, but you only notice the weight if your moving it around the garage or backing it up from a non flat parking space. It feels SOLID when riding down the road, and big trucks don't blow you around. The HP drops off about 5200 rpms, so it's not a high revver, you need to learn to short shift it just before the rev limiter and once your used to it, it'll move. If you want a high revving screaming wheelie popping bike, get a ZX-14 or Hyabusa or some other Crotch Rocket. The V2K is a mid 12 sec bike in the 1/4 mile, it'll run 130mph, it'll cruise at a 100 mph all day. The rev limiter hits at these speeds. 1st 38mph 2nd 58mph 3rd 78mph 4th 108 mph 5th I don't know. But it is the effortless twist of the throttle that has you up to illegal speeds that is so great. No stress, no strain, and not many bikes will stay with you. Bye bye Harley's! Yes the VRod will take you, but hit the open road, and the VRod rider will get tired a lot faster than you will. It's all trade offs. What are you looking for in a bike? Do a stage One kit on the V2K with the correct mods, and you may approach the VRod acceleration territory, and it will look and sound very very mean. And that 200 rear tire looks so cool. You see a V2K and you say, Yes, this is a MAN's bike. You don't buy a V2K because it's the fastest bike out there. At this size bike, it's an emotional decision. Whatever bike gets your blood pumping, and feels right while your sitting on it. I would recommend this bike in a heartbeat. But I would only recommend it to experienced riders. If your a new rider, get a 500cc to 900cc bike. Learn the ropes, ride for a year or two. Then try a V2K. Even though it's very well mannered, well balanced, and the power delivery is very smooth, it's still an 800lb bike with enough power to get away from you if you don't know what your doing. I only gave a 4 on performance because I have ridden much faster bikes and I know what killer acceleration is like. I only gave a 4 on comfort, because not many stock seats are very good. The V2K is passable. But it will get replaced with a Mustang seat later. Ah, I gotta go ride for a while...see ya!!!
- Mike, New Port Richey, Florida

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