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I was once an avid rider when I was younger. Typical story, stopped riding for many decades came back, bought a bike, didn't like it, kept searching until the ZX-9R kept showing up in my results. A circumstantial test ride only caused me to fall half in love with the bike, b/c it was going to be a project. But it didn't take long for me to find what this bike's strengths were; going long distances at decent average speeds. What a fun motorcycle! The ZX-9R should come with two warning labels. One for how addicting it is to ride and another to warn the new owner: Last of the great street sportbikes. You’ll have friends trying to lure you away from her. And as much as your eye will wander, be wise and hang onto her, because you’ll see those same friends’ bikes come and go without a second thought or attachment. Psychologically, you and her might actually be contributing to that. You’ll be revered and jealously despised by other riders at the same time. You can crash her multiple times and come back with only scratches. Kawasaki will not be held responsible for forthcoming fond memories and thrills. Not just a Ninja, the ZX-9R is a sportbike with soul. And lastly, owning just one may not be enough.* * I now own concurrently own three, all registered, insured and ready to ride.
- e1_ZX-9r, Idaho

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