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2000-08-03 1997 Kawasaki ZX900-B4 Ninja ZX-9R Motorcycles View Listings

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Ok, so I traded down from my 97 ZX11 to a 97 ZX9. WOW!! I wanted something sportier (see my ZX11 review), and man did I get it. My 9 for all practical purposes is "just as fast" as my 11 was. The only time I regret the switch is when my wife rides with me, but she's mostly on her 6. I notice the missing 151cc's then, but then only. It corners incredibly better (its purpose, of course) on Las Flores and Latigo in Malibu, and Polomar...Wow! It is so much lighter, and no less leg room, the handlebars feel just like the 11, but so much more comfy to lie on the tank at 130. (Faster, too, but not 4 me) Never thought I'd buy a "cafe racer"...it's a keeper. Dan, 41
- Dan, Costa Mesa, Ca

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