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My fianc� has a �05 CBR600RR. I have 2 bikes, a 1,000 cc, and I wanted a 600 cc as well, so I picked up the new ZZR600. Now it�s just finished the break-in and I can safely say that older generation technology and on of the only ones NOT fuel injected out there, but it is still the best 600 class bike on the market. My fianc�s brand new Honda 600 is fuel injected and more aggressive in its positioning and 3 grand more. No matter whom you are one ride on each and the ZZR has it beat. It may be a little slower off the start, and it may take 5 minutes to warm up since it has a carburetor, but midrange, on the turns and the overall winner of the race is the ZZR. What does that say? That it�s an awesome bike and the best in the class. This isn�t any sport-tourer this is a real machine and the lack of the aggressive look of the newer bikes may be present, but it�s more comfy. I would recommend this bike without hesitation over every other 600 series bike, even the modern technology ZX6R. Ride the GSXR600, the R6, the ZX6R and like my fianc�, the CBR600RR and even though it�s the 2000 Kawasaki technology and not fuel injected, it is hands down faster, more stable and more comfortable. And I am no beginner!

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