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riding it 3 years put 10 k on bike. I would take this motorcycle down any paved road and not worry about this motorcycle letting me down. It has upgraded corbin seat so i cant comment on stock seat and according to riders the passenger seat accommodates but leg stretches needed after an hour. . I upgraded air filter to k/n and the process to clean air filter ,change oil filter and oil is easy enough but will require about an hour the first time about half that next changes.( the k/n will reduce HP slightly) I rode 715 miles on 1500 mile trek in one day its not a luxury cruiser its a land rocket but I survived. I changed the brake pads ,battery, iridium plugs, installed new chain at 18k .I do not think this bike will need anything but tires and oil changes as time go by. The C4 motor will need cam shims eventually at which time valve cover and figure 8 plug gaskets will be replaced. I am not worried that it may be slightly over maintenance suggestion at 24 k. The steer tube bearings feel tight to me also so it aint broke. The handle bars have 2 inch risers which helps with tour comfort. It will go through two front tires before the rear. Its heavy and tends to push in tight turns which accounts for front tire mileage. I am 6'1 over 200 lb in good physical shape. I think one needs to be in this category to be a good fit on this bike , its big , its fast (I have document from State of Georgia to certify that) and the faster goes the faster it wants to go with ram air it intoxicates . Last of the carb super bikes. If you are a super bike person with little or no time and money for upkeep of exotic high horsepower this ZZR 1200 may be your choice. I tend to appreciate it more as time goes by but plan to retire it because of my age (67) within the next decade. Do I really need to go this fast at this age > yes I do. Be safe MASK diss Helmet gloves hydrate.
- mike, North Carolina

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