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This is one heck of a great motorcycle in almost every way, but for me there is one negative: seat height. I'm just shy of 6 feet, 32" inseam and must be on tippy-toes to have both feet on the ground when stopped. I appreciate lengthy shock travel and high ground clearance, the bike is perfect when moving, but I find stop-and-go wearisome. And while the bike is not really heavy, it does have a high center of gravity. I think I've explored every alternative; KTM will not offer any suggestions, apparently and probably with their own good reasons for not modifying the well engineered factory specs. One aftermarket seat is 3/4" lower, can't find any suspension alternatives. I've been told the 1290 model 17" rear and 19" front spoked wheels, brakes etc. are interchangeable, but that yields only about an inch, would definitely affect the speedometer and odometer and probably affect the ABS system as well. So what is the solution? The only other one that comes to mind is platform shoes.
- Peter Cross, Montrose, CA

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