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I love this motorcycle. I've been riding for over 50 years and had about a dozen bikes, mostly smaller dual sports. I'm retired and don't commute, or ride to get from A to B. I ride for fun, for the thrill of coming out of a corner on a lightly traveled country road at 30 and accelerating to 90 in about 4 seconds and a couple hundred yards. It has (almost) sport bike power and handling, but an upright, comfortable seating position. KTM claims 148 HP; the Cycle World Road Test Dyno showed 129; they reported a 10.68 quarter at 129. I don't care to go anywhere near that fast, but they showed 0-30 in 1.2; 0-60 in 3.2, and; 0-90 in 5.0. That's the range in which I use and appreciate the motor. It's also relatively light for a big bike - about 500 pounds with a full tank - although I've added an OEM skid plate and crash bars, and have OEM panniers which I don't use unless on a long trip. KTM marketed the 1190 Adventure (they now have a 1090 & a 1290) as a dual sport. I'll go down a dirt/gravel road, but even if I had the 'R' model, which has stiffer suspension, dual purpose tires, and a few other offroad features, wouldn't take 500+ pounds very far from pavement. What don't I like? The headlight was anemic. I replaced it with a much brighter LED, and added auxiliary lights. The stock seat rendered it almost unridable for any distance; thus an aftermarket solo seat was required. Reliability? There's often something minor that's not quite right. For example, the ambient temperature indicator currently isn't working on my bike. 2014 was the first year for the bike and I think KTM went overboard with "state-of-the-art" electronics, ride modes, combinations of ABS, traction control, etc., without fully debugging everything. We KTM owners will bitch, bitch, bitch about these little things and inevitably our friends, or forum participants, ask, "well why don't you get a Japanese bike?" The answers vary, but all, in one way or another boil down to: "Are you crazy? And not ride a KTM?!?! Cause when this bike is right, and that's most of the time, it's the most delightful, exciting, fun, euphorogasm machine I've ever ridden, let alone owned. (And I just made the last payment.)
- John Hocking, Georgia

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