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We all know the price of off road motorcycles in the new age of 4-strokes has risen to ridiculous heights and technology has gone thru the roof. It gets harder and harder these days for anyone to afford the cost to buy one and the hiring of a mechanic to work on them. I'm a 37-year-old 250 B rider who started racing motocross in my early 20's and continued to do so heavily in to my early 30's. Being frustrated with the issues above, I wanted to buy something that I knew how to work on and was relatively inexpensive in comparison to the 4-stroke money bomb. Although hesitant at first, I knew KTM was leading the charge in the 2-stroke world so I made the decision to switch knowing that the transition may be a bit of a challenge. Now eight hours on the seat, this gamble proved to be the most successful gamble I've ever taken on a motorcycle. I'm not even saying that it took eight hours to fall in love with the bike. What I'm saying is every additional minute I put on it is the most fun I've ever had on a motorcycle! It takes a while to get used to the power band but it's incredibly powerful. If you want to know how lazy 4-strokes are, ride a 2-stroke and wheel! This bike is extremely light weight, and corners awesome! I was also amazed by how well this thing is built and the attention to detail. If you're a Honda guy like I was and you thought they had the best front break in the world, think again. The front break on the KTM is flat out ridiculous! The stopping power is phenomenal! Who needs engine breaking when you have the brakes...REAL BRAKES! The front brake especially! If I had anything negative to say about this bike it would be suspension. As of now it is completely stock. I do need to note though that I have not really had it set up yet for my weight and it's quite possible my body weight may require stiffer springs. I've been adjusting the clickers and have got it feeling pretty good but it still feels a bit soft and spongy. The tracks I've ridden on thus far haven't had huge jumps but have included a variety of jump faces and landings anywhere from mellow to steep jump faces and up to 60 feet jump distances. After about eight hours in the saddle on the KTM 150 I took a spin on a 2013 4-stroke and was bored - literally bored! Do yourself a favor if you want to go out and have fun. Buy a two-stroke! I also believe the bike will be equally competitive in a race scenario. Brauuuuup!!!
- Matt Williams, Troy, Ohio

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