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I have just purchased my 07 KTM 525 XC-W. The bike is beautiful to look at, it's hard to believe the sex-appeal that just the black rims add. When you jump on, the first thing you'll notice is the POWER - more then any sane person needs. Hill climbing becomes a breeze, no clutch work, just thottle control. The bike is a little more snappy than a trail bike, but respect the power...and it becomes a gentle gaint. You can lug through the more technical trails, or easily snap it up and over any obstacles in front of you. This bike fast! Top speed in 6th gear is around 90 mph/170kmph, and you've got a speedometer to prove it. The only problem is stock it runs hot so your going to need a fan kit that simply bolts on. Other than that, just a pry-bar to get yourself off this bike.
- james olsen, lethbridge, Alberta

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