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The K-Pipe by Kymco is a throwback to simpler bikes. 32" seat, 17" wheels, and a top speed of 55MPH its not groundbreaking in any way, and that's its charm, it both reminds you of riding for the pleasure of the road, and not look like a toy motorcycle rider doing so. It's 4 speed transmission feels much like that of a ATV due to its centrifugal clutch/clutch lever combination, which is novel to the non-scooter market. Downsides are typical People's Republic of China quality, partly offset by Kymco's 1 year full warranty (2nd year has 6 months Electrical, 1 year Mechanical coverage). That and being tempted toward a bigger bike sooner rather than later, as this bike's $1999 price tag competes with used motorcycles. Its a nice commuter bike, and a willing partner for country rides, but its slower than anything but a 50cc also.
- Paul O, Missouri

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