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2010-08-14 2010 Lance Powersports Cali Classic 125 Scooters View Listings

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I've been riding the Cali Classic since spring of 2010 and have 2300 miles. Here's my take: The ride is good, the front 12" wheel and shocks work well for tracking and rough road surface. The rear swing arm suspension is comfortable even with two riders. The SYM built engine has a nice balance of power and economy - though with two up it would be better with a 150cc. The 125 handles my 175 lbs. up hills and daily stretch of 55 mph road easily. The bike starts reliably every time - just one click of the starter. The overall reliability is excellent. So far, just routine oil changes. The build is up to SYM's excellent standard - very tight and right. The optional cargo box and rear rack are essential as there is very little storage space. The gas tank is only 1.2 gal. - could be bigger, but with my average 95 MPG, fillups are cheap and needed every two weeks ($3.) Overall I give this bike an excellent 5-star rating - definitely got my $2000 dollars worth!
- chrisnclick, Santa Barbara, California

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