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I bought the Guzzi in the fall of 2003 brand new after riding a '94 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 for quite a while. The Vulcan got totaled (rear-ended), so I starting shopping around. The overall sale was because the dealer was so much better than the other dealers I had talked with, but I haven't had a real complaint since! A great bike overall with torquey power to satisfy those long 2-up trips on hilly roads. Mileage has varied between 37 mpg (hard riding directly after break in) up to 47 mpg (constant 75 mph interstate travel), averaging 42 right now. The mileage has been creeping up over time though. The original tires lasted about 8000 miles, so I replaced them with Michelins. These seem to be doing alright, except that the front tire is nearly bald after only 6000 miles. Running the full synthetic oil has increased the mileage about 10%. The only problems have been a fuel line popping off (repaired under warranty) and the clutch starting to slip. This is to be replaced with a double plate clutch this winter, under warranty. Other than that this bike will run with the crotch rockets or cruise with the Harleys and always seems to draw a crowd from both sectors.
- Anonymous, Rolla, Missouri

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