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2004-10-07 2002 MZ Moskito 125R Scooters View Listings

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Picked up the 125R yesterday after 3 weeks to get here from the ship/customs in FL. First day I put 100 km on it and enjoyed every minute. Pleasingly quick and handles very well. Performs as well as it looks. It does have a sort of flat spot in acceleration before the belt/trans shifts up, but it's not really an issue. The seat is a little harder than I like and wish it was back a couple of inches more, but overall I am very happy with it. On local highways I was able to run with the traffic at 55 mph. It seemed to pull 60 easily and I saw 65 once on a flat without really trying. Their 53.5 spec seems quite conservative. I want to see how it acts once it is broken in.
- TJ, Excelsior, Minnesota

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