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Well, here goes - I have the MP3 500 LT Sport here in the UK. Unlike reviews above, this model has the footbrake that when used, it equally applied the brakes to the front and rear. It works in conjunction with the levers so all can be used together. Mostly that's how I do it as this trike likes all wheels unbiased to be used at the same time. It's speed for me is perfect at 100 mph. It accelerates faster than 99% of the cars on the road. It has 38 ft. lb. of torque and does a 0-60 in under eight seconds, which can be improved upon. It handles great with or without a passenger and has plenty of storage. It's hard not to love this maxi. Piaggio pulled out all the stops. My only issue, I say issue and not problem as the issue is being fixed as we speak, is for a taller rider. There's no real place to put your feet. The brake is on the right side and hampers foot placement but even on the leg side there still is not enough room for 5'11' heighted riders and over. But I'm having a friend of mine cut my brackets of steel for me so I can screw it to the floor board on the MP3 and these come outside and drop so once the footpegs are put on, the seating feet will be perfect. An added extra, which is a must if you like pure comfort, is a driver's backrest. Ideally, the Kuryakyn adjustable rest, can be used for pillion or driver for only around 2oo bucks for you Americans. But that's it - the pegs and rest and the bike's perfect. It's great on fast highways here. Our legal limit is 75 mph. and is easily achieved and if you want to overtake it, it still has punch left in it to fly past. It handles good in slower moving traffic but you have to keep in mind, on the front end it's weighted different than a 2-wheeler. But once you've got the hang of it, it's a sheer joy. My advice is to relax on this bike. Let it do all the driving. you're just on top enjoying the view and the wind in your face. Stay safe MP3 riders and all drivers alike.
- ian77efc, merseyside uk, Alabama, United Kingdom

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