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A 1950s motorcycle still being made today. People may complain about maintenance, minor leaks, etc. Well, back in the 50s and 60s these weren't major problems, they were a reality with all brands. Owners back then didn't mind making adjustments and getting their hands dirty, it was part of ownership and brought you closer to your machine. You want the look of an old bike with modern reliability? Buy a new Triumph, and it will feel and sound like a new Honda. You want a real classic bike? Buy an old bike and restore it OR buy a brand new Royal Enfield. The amount of parts and upgrades you can do to these bikes are extensive (not expensive). And reliability is what you make it. Yes old bikes require more love, but this brings you closer to your machine. No bike I have ever owned has given me the satisfaction and joy that the Royal Enfield Bullet has. You are literally riding a piece of history when your thumping down the road on one of these. Nope, they don't perform well on highways. Those types of roads didn't exist when these motors were designed. Stick to backroads/take the scenic route and the bikes performance will shock you. They are easy to fling through corners, they handle really well, and there is quite a bit of torque on these 500cc machines. Not to mention they are very nice looking bikes. To be perfectly honest, I have had a few VERY minor issues with the bike. Some of these issues, in the hands of an incompetent owner, may trigger a negative review. But the competent owner, or should I say real motorcyclist, will buck up and fix it. And that's the beauty of them, they are so easy to fix, all you need is the shop manual and the ability to follow instructions. No need to take it to the dealer and get charged $500 for it to be hooked up to a diagnostic computer. The reality is if you want a real classic bike, which will give you the full experience, you cannot go wrong with the Royal Enfield Bullet.
- D. SmithDJ Burdette, Fremont, New Hampshire

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