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2010-08-27 2008 Schwinn Valo 150 Scooters View Listings

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What a great scooter! I debated for awhile on whether to get a Yamaha scooter or a Scwhinn. In addition to other factors, the Yamaha scooters looked a little too retro for me, and not in the good way. I am very happy with my choice. Not only does it do great in an urban setting but she is also perfectly at home on back country roads. It's very peppy. I commute on some pretty steep hills everyday and it takes them without much issue. When I first started it up I expected a high pitched annoying engine sound. I was very pleased to find it doesn't sound like a high pitched whine. It doesn't roar like a V twin but still is respectable. It can handle two passengers without a problem. Maintenance is really simple; transmission and engine oil changes takes less than 10 minutes after the first time. Right now I have one SMALL issue. The scooter cuts out sometimes when cruising around 50-55. It feels like it's not getting enough gas. I have to slow it down then take back off. I talked to the service department at my dealer in NY, and they said it was a problem they have seen before (CDI issue) and should take less than a day to fix. Its getting fixed tomorrow but I thought I would post this issue in the chance you encounter it also. I couldn't find any reviews or anything online about the quality of Schwinn scooters. I was a bit worried. However, I feel very comfortable that my dealer will take care of me. The scooter also comes with 2 year warranty. that's two years on part and only one year on something else (I don't have the detail of the warranty in front of me but you should be able to find details online or from your dealer). However you can get the extended warranty for a fairly small price. I'm probably going to spring for it right before my factory warranty expires. I don't know for sure if it is transferable, but it should be, and if/when I sell it, a warranty would be a huge selling point. But back to the unknowns on Schwinns longevity, if you are comfortable that your dealer won't just cast you aside then don't hesitate to get a Schwinn. However, if your dealer tends to be rude and has more important things to do than deal with some little scooter issue, then don't risk getting screwed down the road. I don't have any worries about longevity but if you do then that's something to keep in mind. No real other issues. Insurance was dirt cheap. I am very happy with this scooter. I just wish it had a stereo!
- Patrick S., Buffalo, New York

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