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Well I've been looking at the Bandit for some time now and finally bought one. What a machine. I've had many bikes and I seem to circle back to the inline 4s. The riding comfort is not bad as far as the stock seat is concerned but the windshield needs to be replaced. I ordered the OEM touring screen which should improve things a little. I heard that the stock screen was terrible but I didn't think it was that bad as others have said. I think just a slightly taller screen would suit me well. I changed the oil when I got home. I like to change the oil right away (36 miles) not at 600 like the book says to. There is way too much fine metal in the oil that the filter misses in that short period of time. Read the "Motorman" site to see what I mean. I don't break in the motor like he suggests but I do see his point regarding the oil. Anyway I'm glad to get the bike and if you are thinking of getting one, don't hesitate. It's a fine machine.
- Mark Bogardus, Coolville, Ohio

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