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OK, here we go. I now have 1300 km. on my speedo. I called the dealer and was advised to keep riding until about 1600 km. and then bring it for its first service. Last weekend I took a ride with friends for about 250 miles round trip (Guelph to Grand Bend and back). I got into rain, I mean heavy rain for about five hours in total. The bike performed perfect. Average speed in the rain was 55-60 mph. (90km/h). There was no slipping, nor any other bad stuff, taking into consideration my first time ever riding in rain. (My buddies on rockets complain about their stability during rain). There is a risk to lock the rear tire, but not on the highway, though in city, while downshifting in rain, but it's predictable and no other serious uncontrollable situations. I still got totally wet and we had to stop for a coffee a couple of times. A windshield would help, but looks ugly on this bike. I just ordered Vista throttle lock. During the ride, my right hand and wrist really felt numb. It cost $55 in all. I will install it, and hope it will help a lot. I just want to add - this bike takes corners really well. I was travelling with my friends on Yamaha R6, Honda CBR, Suzuki Intruder and it stayed together all the time (within speed limits more or less). I cannot compare this bike to anything yet, but in my humble opinion it's well suited for most of the common applications on the road. I can't go wrong! This time I've tried to take bike to a speed around 85-90 mph. (140 km/h). It's feeling the same as 70-75, just a bit louder. I still pushed maybe half of the throttle, really. don't know what is the maximum speed? I don't want to push myself to it, but would appreciate knowing.
- egflier, guelph, Ontario

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