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I bought my 2017 DR200s in May of 2019 from my local Suzuki dealer. The bike was brand new .1 miles and had been sitting on the dealers floor for 2 years. When I went to check out the bike they had just put it on clearance for $2995 which is about 1/3 off. So I quickly bought and it's been flawless so far. 30 some years ago I bought a 1987 Suzuki SP200 and I'd always liked that bike, and honestly the 2017 DR200s is basically the same bike except it now has electric start. The bike has a nice low seat height which I needed because I'm getting pretty old and I'm not as flexible as I used to be. The DR does fine on and off road and although it's not fast it does keep up with traffic. I have ridden it on the interstate for about 30 minutes at 65~75 mph and it was ok but I wouldn't push it to much further. The bike seems to be happier at speeds below 60. The DR's quality is excellent and I get around 225 miles on a full tank. With normal maintenance the bike is pretty much bullet proof and it looks good too.
- R. Fleenor, Indiana

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