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2005-01-05 2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Mladin Replica Dual Sport View Listings

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This is my 4th Suzuki street bike and the fastest bike I've ever ridden. This bike folds space! I know it's not the fastest bike out there right now but who cares! It is more than fast enough for me. With the Yoshimura exhaust it just howls! It has great stock suspension and seat, which I don't need to change. I've changed the clip-ons out to a standard bar for a better riding position and have a touring windscreen (still needs to be higher). It is just a wonderful performing bike! Passing is just point and shoot. The stock seat is just great but the riding position for daily use is a bit uncomfortable. The stock mirrors only show what's to the side and your elbows. These things can be fixed cheaply. I would also have the fuel injectors remapped to make it less lean in the lower end. The standard setting to pass DEQ makes the throttle a bit hair-trigger. Outside of this what is not to like? It's just a wonderful bike.
- Wambo, Portland, Oregon

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