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I was very pleased with the power of this bike and it’s handling. With it being a Japanese bike I knew from experience it would be very reliable and fun. It didn’t let me down. The only down side to it was the passenger seat wasn’t comfortable for 2 up riding and it doesn’t have all the latest electronic rider aids like a 6 axis IMU but it does have ABS and traction control. Being a naked bike I did have to put on a windscreen to stop some of the wind blast at Interstate speeds . The best times I had was riding twisty roads and on straightaways feeling the power build as the RPM’s increased and hearing the induction sound . This is no beginner bike. There are more powerful motorcycles out there but this one has more power than anyone needs on the road and for what it was made to do it does very well. I’ve never regretted purchasing my Suzuki and I didn’t have to spend a fortune to get this kind of performance and agility.
- Steven Lisenbe, Alabama

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