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I traded in my 2002 Strom 1000 on the new one. I was looking for improved comfort, handling and ABS and that is what I got. On the old bike I would slide forward to greatly improve the weight distribution and the steering and it made a big difference in the tight mountain twists. Engine-wise, the old beast always needed just a few more RPMs that would be expected from a big V-Twin and lots of shifting to keep it over 4,000 where it would start to run really happy. In a strange way it reminded me of the old two-stroke Suzukis I used to ride. On the new one, I'm already sitting forward in the best position for handling. The clutch is lighter and so is the bike by a few pounds but it feels about 100 lbs. lighter in how it steers and handles. Where the old bike was in the 'dead zone' at 3,000 to 3,500 below the power band, the new one is in the meat of its grunt at 3000 RPM. It's just so much easier, smoother and nicer to ride. I really like the idea of the ABS, especially as I was heading home in our aggressive rush hour in the driving rain. I've heard complaints about throttle response and brakes being too touchy, but even in the wet on an unfamiliar bike, I was instantly at home. Compared to the old one and other bikes I've ridden recently, the whole bike takes a lighter touch, but it's very easy to ride. I love that motor.
- Dave Phillips, Surrey, British Columbia

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