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I used this bike mainly for riding around and for fun in the summer. The bike was quick and peppy and ran great. I actually just bought another recently. This bike is great except for a few things; 1. The seat is not very comfortable and not condusive to tall people. 2. The bike does not come with electric start so beware, unless you live in a warm climate, it's going to be hard to start. 3. Get some locktite, you're going to need it. These bike vibrate like no other and often times you'll find yourself with a fairing flapping in the breeze. 4. Oil injection can sometimes be defective, while this has not happened to me it can fry your top end and, Tomos refuses to fix this. that's it for the cons other than that, it's a great, fun bike for alternate transportation, work or fun. If I wasn't hit on mine, I would still be riding today!
- Theo Verstraight, Long Walley, New Jersey

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