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This beast is RAW power and i havent really had any issues except a bad battery which happens, switched to a 500cca lithium as compression in the S&S is stupid high. I only have 4,207 miles on it as of 9-15-19 and bike is a 2000 year bike. No big issue's as its just barely broke in. I will tell ya if your a noob rider straight off a harley better super glue your pants to the seat, This beast will blow the pubes off your wife on a jump seat on the fender.. Anyways love the bike its a rigid which i love & easy maint. As i have a dry belt drive primary with a chain. Shes a beast blows every bike i have run off the road like he wasnt even there. It Keeps up with my 900hp Cobra Mustang till about 130mph then the cobra dusts it. I will prob. Never part ways with this beast....Never..
- Gary Emfinger, Florida

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