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I have owned it now for a month and have put about 240 miles on it. It hasn't given me any major problems and only one minor one that was really just an annoyance and the dealer told me how to take care of it. The pick up has been exceptional and the overall speed is adequate on roads with a 55 mph speed limit. The lighting is something I really like, makes the scoot all the more visible. The finish on it leaves a bit to be desired. When I say the finish I mean some of the finer details like the front storage compartment is really kind of shoddy, I don't put anything it, and a few of the places where the plastic meets don't fit squarely but most of it is unseen and unnoticeable to anyone else. So thus far I would highly recommend this scoot. For the money I think it is the one of the best values, especially since I have one the best dealers not too far from here. It fits the economic reason I was looking for a scoot and delivers the quality I needed.
- Brian, Jacksonville, Florida

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