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I had a hard time finding reviews of this bike, so I want to do my part to get some publicity out there. This is my first scooter or motorcycle, so I don't have much to compare it to, but here are my impressions. I've had my Matrix II-170 for just over a month now and I've loved every minute. I find every excuse that I can to take it for a ride. It's been the perfect bike for my commute, which is about 10 miles on surface streets. I'm not the smallest person and I've been averaging around 65 mpg and I have had it up to just over 60 mph, though I try to keep it closer to 50. It accelerates well, so I don't have other traffic waiting on me and I have no problems braking in a hurry. You've gotta love those disc brakes. I ride it a little hard: quick accelerations and higher cruising speeds. It's been very reliable, but it does seem a bit sluggish to start on some cooler mornings. It makes some strange noises when accelerating hard or if you let off the throttle quickly, but I don't think its anything to worry about. I think it's the CVT trying to keep up and it might just need some adjustment. I'm just going make sure I keep to the maintenance schedule. I love how much I can fit under the seat. It easily holds my helmet (HJC CL-33, large). I've been looking around at my options for extra storage and have decided that I'll probably add a top case, if I can find one that will fit my laptop (in a proper case of course). I may also try my hand at designing some side racks to hold some hard side cases, but we'll see.
- Josh S, Kissimmee, Florida

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