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2007-04-26 2005 UM X-Peed 50 Scooters View Listings

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I purchased this scooter last summer for a great price with a helmet included. It has adequate power provided you are riding on level ground. Hills really tax the capabilities of this 50cc two stroke. There is good storage under the seat and a hook on the front behind the apron for hanging groceries. I have not gotten the sort of gas mileage I would have expected; about 55 to 60 MPG. The only problem I've had with it is that it fouled a spark plug and refused to run after riding up a steady incline once and forced me to take a cab home. This was probably my fault since it was past its scheduled maintainence period and probably needed a new spark plug. Anyway, it was a simple fix and it has run flawlessly since then. In all it's a good little scooter, easy to ride, no need to tag it or license it, capable of 40-45MPH. If you need to ride hills, or weigh as much or more than me, you'll probably want to get a 150cc though.
- dvs, little rock, Arkansas

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