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I just picked up my Patrol two days ago. The last time I had checked out these bikes was 1995 and I was not impressed. The bikes looked cheap, and their reputation was pretty bad so I decided against it. After quite a bit of research I decided to take another look. First off, the finish is 1000% improved, it's still a little rough around the edges but overall I think they compare well to BMW or Harley. After a short indoctrination by the dealer I was ready to get on the road. I had a 120 mile ride ahead of me and the prospect of not going over 40 mph was not exactly appealing. It turned out to be a very pleasant ride; the tractor seat is actually very comfortable. The bike tracks very well although pulling a hack gets some getting used to. The transmission reminds me of our old tractor back home, although it is already smoothing out some. This is definitely not a high tech, high performance bike. I think it will be a nice commuter; the reverse gear makes it easy to back out of a parking space. But the main reason I bought it is to take my 6 year old out on rides with me. And the kids LOVE it. Today I took the wife and the two kids (3 and 6) out to dinner. Both kids fit well in the sidecar and the wife rode on the back. The bike handled about the same, the engine has a lot of torque. Once the break in period is over I'll see how it handles highway speeds and off road. Already my son is asking to go camping and I think this will be the perfect vehicle to get us out there. Will keep you updated.
- Jose, Tucson, Arizona

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