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This is one of a series of classic motorcycles I owned in my youth. I'm the author of "Shooting Star: The Rise and Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry," published by ECW Press of Toronto in 2009. The Thruxton was street legal (lights, muffler) but was not suitable for the street. The Amal GP carburetor could not be set to idle reliably, and the gear ratioswere unsuitable for street use - first gear was too tall. A Cycle magazine review of the era pegged it at a 17 second quarter mile - shockingly slow - but it was true. The bike was geared so tall it was like launching a modern bike in third gear. Forget everything you've heard about single cylinder British bangers and their good torque - this was the cammiest motorcycle I ever owned. Power only came on well above 4,000 rpm, and redline was at 6,250 rpm. But bike was very smooth, due to narrow crankshaft that was hand-balanced! Cost $40 K today in top condition.
- Anonymous, Indianapolis

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