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I absolutely love my Midnight Blue Vespa GT 200. People will be envious of your gas mileage (60-70 depending on load and driving habits) and ask questions constantly, so be prepared. My only problems have been due to my short stature. I can just barely reach the ground (tippy-toed) on both sides when I stop. I usually lean slightly to one side so that I'll have one foot firmly planted and keep the other on the floorboard. Anyone shorter than my meager 63 inches won't be able to manage this scooter at all. There's plenty of storage, but if you use a full-face helmet, or really anything other than one of Vespa's, it isn't going to fit under the seat as they claim. I've added the matching top case (which will hold any helmet you like) and flyscreen. The flyscreen cuts the wind enough to make even driving on the interstate comfortable without being ugly like the full windshield is. People are always amazed when they watch me get my groceries onto this scooter. Actually shocked would be closer. ;-) They can never believe that I can actually get all my stuff on there. If you use your own shopping bags as I do (yep, I'm a bit of an eco-nut) then you'll likely have handles long enough to make use of the bag clip. I can usually get 2 bags (one atop or in front of the other) onto the floorboard. Mind you that my bags hold about twice as much as the average store bag. Add what'll fit into the top case and a bungee for that huge bag of dog or cat food and I can get all of my weekly shopping onto my Vespa, usually with room to spare. As for the price, I've always believed that you get what you pay for. I've always been the type to keep my vehicles until they die their final deaths, so I plan on getting many, many years of joy out of my Grand Turismo.
- lunasolara, Russellville, Arkansas

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