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I have to say, after many years of motorcycle riding on and off, on many types of bikes, my new 2014 Judge is the best machine I have ever ridden or owned. Funny, but I had recently just bought another used bike after test riding several bikes including the Judge, but kept thinking back to the Judge and couldn't get if off my mind. I had to go back and try it out again, taking it for another cruise for about an hour, down winding roads then on the highway, then stopping at a coffee place. Then I just had to buy it. I have had the Judge for about a month now. It is incredibly smooth and easy to handle for a large bike, and is super stable at both low speed and high speed with a low center of gravity. It turns corners pretty much effortlessly. The torque is excellent, especially when pulling away from a standing start or when passing. The six-speed overdrive is great on the highway, loping along at 70 mph. in 6th gear at only 2,500 rpm., but with plenty to spare, especially with a quick downshift to 5th. Everything feels just right on this bike, including the seat, pegs and bars. As great as it runs and rides, this all black Judge is also simply the best looking bike ever made in my opinion. It has just the right balance of traditional and new styling. It's not too chopped or custom looking, but bold, with very nice lines, and all blacked out except for the wheel rims and tire letters and a few other places. It's just what a big bike should look like but you have never seen one quite like it. Many people have commented on it since I got it, wondering what kind of bike it is since there aren't too many Judges out there...yet. A bike riding guy I work with said it is the sexiest bike he has ever seen. Another guy commented how simply it is styled, all engine packed into not too big of a frame. Victory hit a home run with this bike. A major plus is that it is designed and made in the USA, in Spirit Lake, Iowa, by an American company, Polaris, whose HQ is in my home state of Minnesota. that's giving new meaning to 'buy local'. Also, I have to say, Dean Cross at the dealership in Lakeville, Minnesota, from whom I bought the bike, was a superb and knowledgeable salesman - really low key, but knows all about Victory bikes having dealt them for years - and also from owning and riding one. I never felt any pressure to buy this bike. I'm really glad I did.
- Martin Freeman, Edina, Minnesota

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