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2020-09-06 1951 Vincent Rapide Series Standard View Listings

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Vincents are not for the faint of heart. These bikes were made to be relatively maintenance free, but that was in the 1940s and early 50s. The quality and understated beauty of these bikes is unsurpassed. I am trying to sell my Rapide and I would not sell it to anyone that was under prepared to work on it. We only are temporary owners of these magnificent machines. These bikes can be bears if not set up correctly. The magneto should be overhauled by someone that is very familiar w/ Lucas mags, if the carbs are old just get new ones and don't bother fiddling w/ the clapped out old ones. A quick compression test and ride should tell you if the engine is toast or what. Join a local British Bike Club (no matter what make) and the VOC, of course. Today's forums and U-Tube videos are priceless. Good Luck
- Steve Walsh, Massachusetts

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