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2021-11-09 1951 Vincent Rapide "C" Sport Touring View Listings

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These bikes are awesome. They are as reliable as you make them. Ride them as much as possible and you'll have fewer problems, simply since you've fixed them already. Read everything you can find on them and the VOC Forums are a great source of info along w/ The MightyGarage videos. Parts are easy to get via the VOC or Coventry Spares in the states. People that work on them "and know what they are doing" not so much. Never fear, they increase in value almost every year. This one is a little pricey, but it was just overhauled. The only item that concerns me is the secondary color being "chrome". I sure hope they did not chrome the cases, etc. on this beauty. Without the recent overhauls I'd say it should be closer to $55K. Good luck. Steve
- Stephen Andrew Walsh, Massachusetts

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