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Chinese electric scooters are now in what I call phase two. Phase one (2007 - 2009) was terrible - controllers burnt up, chargers quit, batteries went dead and support was hopeless. But now they've fixed most of the major shortcomings and are quickly becoming viable players in the scooter market. I did a lot of research (check out V is for Voltage) and then ordered mine online from Advanced Electric Scooters. The only flaw with mine was a throttle that was extremely sensitive in the middle of the range. I replaced it with an aftermarket unit for only $9 which cured the problem. Still, it's best to think of it as a scooter kit that you finish out. If you are electrically and mechanically inclined, this could be for you. Membership in the EV club for less than $2K? Where else are you going to find that? I love mine. No moving parts. It's the closest thing to a magic carpet I have ever ridden. Once you experience the smooth, quiet whoosh, you'll never go back.
- Chasbro, Richmond, Texas

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