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The FJR 1300 is a very good all around bike and handles most every command well. I found the handling very good until pushed to sport bike speeds. The weight and lack of lean angle clearance becomes an issue only if you're chasing a pack of sport bikes. The power delivery is a bit snappy/jerky off of idle. I'm told a power commander or progressive grip tames this issue. The bike makes a lot of torque everywhere which makes it easy to ride without searching for an ideal RPM. Top speed is 150 MPH give or take 5 MPH. The FJR is horribly uncomfortable due to the seat. I could only ride 150-200 miles until my can was on fire. I almost immediately replaced it with a Seth Laam seat. I can now put down 600 miles a day. I have ridden 10+ hours for 3 days in a row with a passenger through the Smokies. The 08 did not have a cruise control option. I do find my hands falling asleep after 3-4 hour. Throttle body synchronization is recommended to help with vibrations. Wind protection is great.
- Anonymous, Indy

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