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This is an excellent cycle for both beginners and intermediate riders. It's light, has great handling, and good power (88 HP). Want to modify it? It has a very good after-market following. Very unique looks compared to other sportbikes (dual headlights, smallish fairing, squared tail, rear tire is a bit small... helps with the handling though). Especially good for those of us on the lower end of the height scale... sub-31" seat height. In short, in a drag race there's no way this can compete with today's high-end sportbikes, but in the hands of an experienced rider, it can keep up with just about ANY cycle in the twisties. Pros: Great handling, light weight, low price, good brakes, easy to modify/maintain Cons: Weak clutch, clunky transmission, little power in low RPMs, a bit uncomfortable for long rides
- Steve, Wisconsin

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