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I have owned my 1988 SRX6 Japanese model for a year now.It had done 57000k's when i bought it and only a couple of problems I've had include a leaking valve seal, so did the rope in the plug hole trick and the socket and magnet to remove valve springs and replace the seals. Only other problem was a leaking gas tank but did a POR15 seal job for that. I own a 1995 Yamaha fj1200 as well but the SRX is by far the best handling and most fun bike I have ever owned.Way better than the SR500. I've owned over 35 bikes from 1968 to 2020 and this one is just awesome. Shame they don't make them again.I love the attention it gets when I go on club rides and I've spent lotsa time and money restoring it to original. Great bike for our New Zealand roads that's for sure
- Steve Bass, Yukon

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